Mic Flammez born on June 11, 1987 in Lome in Togo.De his real name Abdallah Nasir begins his career far from Togolese borders a morovia; He chose to kiss the rap because the rap was his only pastime even if he dreamed of becoming a pilot! Influenced by Nas, brave heart and twista he handles very well the twistang (art of rapé very quickly). Like any good rapper he made these classes in the street and perfect his art. Later the affairs of his father took them to Togo and also hid his desire to be close to his Togolese mother. He developed his career by participating in recitals in schools, participated in freestyle sexes on the media of Lome in the years 98. In 2005 it mounts the group BC WARRIORZ with its companions; Their crew hosts many successes that will remember titles like GBANFO and others. However in 2010 he decides to start a solo career with a thundering chip called DOMOAME (piece very acclaimed by the Togolese). His popularity has been signed to PAMOBAR (independent label) of which he is the spearhead. At his side one will find RICKY MO and KANG THE DREAMER. Thanks to her new label of hits like Ogbagna, Every morning, Miledji, President of the rap game etc., could see the days. Nicknamed the PRESIDENT OF RAP GAME, Mic flammez has to his credit several trophies of best rapper or artists of the year. His growing career has allowed him to collaborate with artists as brilliant as WILLY BABY, PAPOU, ENOW of Ghana (best rapper of Ghana) or the mass murder which is in preparation and which will not be delayed with SARKODIE of Ghana (best rapper of Ghana and best rappers of Africa 2014 at the MTV). Mic Flammez remains a full-fledged artist and to follow very ready.

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