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Somewhere on earth lived the half god Ban Xian as he is nicknamed. Indeed FEYO says ADEKAMBI Adeife Olivier Gloria at the Civil Registry was born with art. Already since his primary courses in Togo he showed very strong impulses for drawing and painting. In college he discovered this rapper side and then began to compose. A little geek he did not lose time on the benches, his high school dedicated to the mathematics and physical sciences of his series C4. Then everything returns in the first year on campus when he met KADJAKA Constantin aka CEEZY GANG in medical school (big beat maker of the 228). Both left the medal for IAEC (a school in the square). This same Dj will later make his first sound called LAIX MOA COSER remixed by half of the underground. Then follow SMB, VRV, VELO etc ... Today in the fortnight sounds this rapper apart always unrecognized pair seeks his confirmation with a tube. YouTube: Demi god Feyo Facebook: Demi god Feyo Twitter: @Feyomusic Instagram: Feyo_demidieu In 2013, then student of programming he met another student, currently one of the best beatmakers of the country, Ceezy. Feyo who until then had no career in music, decided to let himself go on one of the prod dj C. And then it was the click. A few months later, his first sound "Laix Moa Coser" will be born in collaboration with Zeymo (one of the rappers of the Get Ready Gang). The "demi god" as he likes to call himself a taste for music and thinks of considering a career in parallel to his studies. He returns in 2015 with "Super Mario Bros", "True Reconnait True" in feat Amine and Feross. Then we find him on "i wanna know" with Lolo and Kino. In the same year, he released "Vélo", his love punch rap rnb. This time he is alone on the prod. "Bike" no doubt valorizes both his voice of seducer and his flow of rapper. The launch of the sound was done with the teaser of the clip on television in one of the flagship morning programs of Logone

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