Loup Garou

Author: Maître Gims ft. Sofiane
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Description of the Song

While Master Gims prepares his return with the album "Black Belt", he looses by surprise his feat with Sofiane entitled "Loup-Garou"! Master Gims and Sofiane have just released a new piece, quite by surprise. MCE TV gives you all the details! MASTER GIMS AND SOFIANE IN FEAT ON "LOUP-GAROU"! Following the hack of his social networks, Master Gims was forced to reveal the final version of a new, "Loup-Garou". In duo with Sofiane, the song surprised a lot of people. This is not the first time that we find the two artists together since they have already collaborated on "Arafricain", available on the latest project Sofiane. In this new title, Gims proves that he is above all a rapper. He goes on punchlines on punchlines with Fianso in a setting that reminds us of the program of the latter, "Going into the circle" - with the flames and more. The result is quite up to the task! We let you discover that right here.

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