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Dia Nuella Perez was born on May 2, 1995 in Lome. Of parents in love with good music, at home, the young Dia bathes in music. At the age of 12, she began to make her footsteps by imitating some songs of the French-Israeli singer Tal, of which she was a great admirer. Bewitched by the musical thing in high school, she decided to plaster everything to devote herself to his passion. Categorically opposing this decision of their daughter, a decision they treat as immature and insane, the parents of little Diane is denied a chance to join a promising group formed by her girlfriends. His parents promise to help him in his passion once his baccalaureate in his pocket. But at times, she spends on small scenes with her girlfriends to sharpen her talent. In 2015, with the baccalaureat, she decided to pursue her studies in law, she enrolled at the Faculty of Law (FDD) of the University of Lomé. Between study and studio, she tries to find a place. With this unstoppable desire to become a star of the song and to realize all the wishes of her childhood, she spends all her days at the recording studio working her writings, her voice ... Interviewed by a musical journalist on why She chose music, she replied: "First, because personally when I am not well, I am stressed or when I am nervous, it is only the music that relieves me. So since I was little, I had the facility to quickly know the lyrics and master all that comes to my ear as a song, and since in the future I already saw myself as a great star of music ... ". During this same interview with the journalist, she announced her entry into the musical arena with the cover of Beyoncé's Listen for February 2017. But this was not the case, to the surprise of all her fans who were very restless of The release of this cover, Dia Nuella Perez releases the cover of a Sam Smith song, Stay With Me, An artist was born. Asked about the sudden change of her exit, she replies that she is full of surprise.
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