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Jon Dho Laden, whose real name is SIN BAUDIN JULIO TONYEGLO, was born in Lomé (Togo) on September 8, 1993 and lives in Todoba, not far from Baguida in the southern suburbs of Lomé. He lands in the music with his amusements since the young age to hum the songs, to make freestyle to his potos and his classmates, to follow rap programs until the moment when one of his friends T-Rex leads him to visit a studio. From that day on he began making recordings and understood that the recreated was over and that he had to take seriously what he wanted to do and make his contribution to African music in a more professional way. Very early, just after his baccalaureate, Jon Dho Laden has seen his efforts crowned with success as he was crowned Best Artist of the Category "DISCOVERY" of the 2013 All Music Awards with his title "KNOW ME" by which he is known; A coronation that is for him the fruit of a job well done, but especially the beginning of a long and prosperous musical career. He then chained with two singles maxi; << RESET >> (in which he pays tribute to Maman Africa Miriam Makéba) and << NOT THE SAME >>. His strength lies above all in the quality of his texts, his ease of handling the pen; Great fan of King Mensah, Youssoupha, Bob Marley, Blaaz, and among others Papa Wemba, Jon Dho Laden reserves to all lovers of good music very beautiful things, hits, hits, and above all promises to be a rapper equal to himself, with his head on his shoulders, to make the Togolese flag float high and to see the doors of the Olympia open one day as Bella Bellow.Actually << the chosen of God >> as he is called, is in preparation for his first album whose first extract is "AMEBOU", this famous title which knows a laudable success in his country and in the sub-region and diffusions on international chains in particular Trace Urban.Notons qu'Amebou which means in local language << Someone new or different >> is a concept that advocates a positive change of mentality in order to become a better being.
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