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Young 20-year-old Togolese artist, Santrinos Raphael of his real name HOUNOU Atassé elpidio is a music lover. He took his first steps in Togolese music in 2012 at St. Joseph's College. Two years later, in 2014, with his strong experiences in this art, he composed his first single entitled "Your Number" which he dressed in R & B, his favorite field.Between courses and his love for singing, he managed somehow to write a second song in January 2017 titled "All night". Continuing his goal of publishing by 2018 his first album, he put online in July 2017 a new video clip "Engagement" after the release of Engagement he will have the chance to work with a team of technical and professional management named Mansa Group a department of the New Fashion Fashion Store that is located in Lomé. With his kindness in touching hearts and his voice with clear timbre, he imposed himself and managed to become the artist of the moment. Thus, the rising star of the Togolese R & B, whose music is currently in vogue in Togo and in the sub-region, is planning to make the audiences climb by the time of its album release. Engagement is ranked 1st on the musical fm of the country and made its appearance in early 2018 on the international TV channel in the new Talent category. But long before, Santrinos Raphael did scenes like moov summer time to dance, the festival Ateba, and also performed at the dinner of the premiere of Hollywood actor Djimon HOUNSSOU's film hotel February 2nd. With Engagement, the young prodigy was nominated at the AMA 2017 (All Music Awards). Even if it was not awarded ... This hope of music of the 228 determined to win, released a new single on January 5, 2018 titled Believe in me.What beat all the records of downloads in less than a week on the togozik platform ... a record ... .and first again in hits on the most by radios. the engagement sound is also nominated in the tubes of the year at the award of heroes 228 in february 2018. Thus Santrinos Raphael conquers the hearts of all Togolese and is validated with the cultural actors of the country. All are waiting impatiently for his album, which will be released this year. But before this release, the artist offers us to his fans, especially to the couple to the adult's last release to whom the fault. A song that advocates reconciliation in couples. According to Santrinos: I come to a popular Bè neighborhood and in case of separation the children suffer a lot. I want so through this song brought couples to privileged dialogue and find a solution. The sound is currently much appreciated by the fans and the adult target especially. More than 5000 downloads in two weeks. The clip is also available on his Santrinos Raphael YouTube account. We also note the release of a new video clip titled just an evening directed by the best Togolese director Yoss Spencer officially on April 21, 2018.
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